“Inviting Partnership In Reaching Out To A Vast Multitude Of Farmers Across Cultural”


Advantages of Marketing maxEEma’s Products

Opportunity to sell a variety of high quality products with favorable margins

Great manufacturer support

Provide customers with better results and greater returns on investments while minimizing investment costs

High efficiency rates and our proprietary technologies help you stand out from competition

Become a Distributor - (maxEEma Partner)

Our distribution network is known as maxEEma Partners. Successful maxEEma Partners are typically either a large agriculture company and has offices/warehouses throughout the major crop growing regions; or a company that has an established network of sub-distributors/dealers/retailers, they can immediately work with. Either type of potential maxEEma Partners must have a sales and service organization that can handle an educated sale.

It is our endeavor to have at least one maxEEma partner / associate at every location where farming is a way of life. Loyalty and trust are hallmarks of our long-term association with our partners, indicated by their response to our products and services.

Reaching out to a vast multitude of farmers across cultural and language barriers is another of our achievements. Firm in our conviction that no customer relationship can sustained without personalized service, our presence in all areas of the country/globe allows us to be as close to our customers as is possible.

We’d appreciate the chance to discuss exciting opportunities for your success and our mutual growth. Let’s be partner for the betterment of worldwide growers. If you’d like to take advantage of the opportunity to sell cutting-edge agricultural solutions, contact us about becoming a maxEEma partner or representative.

Please contact us at +91 95748 20130 or email us at contact@maxeemabiotech.com

“In an age of intense competition and a race for market share, our systematic penetration of the agricultural market has given us the much-needed impetus to be the largest provider of certified organic agro input products.”