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maxEEma is expanding it’s marketing footprint across India as a part of major expansion drive.

Inducting WEAPON, potent Multi-Tasking 5-in-1 Pesticide in Indian Market in later part of October, 2018

maxEEma successfully overshoot sales target of first 2 two quarters of 2018-19 be 103% despite adverse climatic condition across India.

12 Jan2019
  • maxEEma is operational in your states : Good News for farmers of Maharashtra and Karnataka. maxEEma is operational in your states 
01 Nov2018
  • Adding new product verticle : maxEEma has added Chemical Pesticides and PGR as new product vertical to enhance business reach and market presence. 84 agrochemicals which includes Insecticides, Weedicides, Fungicides, PGR and Neem based formulations are added to already b organic portfolio of 62 products. Both these product range makes maxEEma one of the largest companies in terms of product range in portfolio. There are more product verticals in the pipe-line. 
17 Oct2018
  • maxEEma adds Andaman & Nicobar: Maiden supply of full range of organic pesticides and bio-stimulants made to Port Blair. Champion brands of maxEEma are ready to serve Andaman & Nicobar growers.
16 Oct2018
  • Export : Order to Guatemala for 3200 liter of Organic Sulfur, Warranty S (Export Brand : Punter) worth USD 20000 (INR 12, 75,000) executed.
21 Sept2018
  • Export:  Order to Peru for 2000 liter of Ryder, Bio-insecticide for sucking pests worth USD 44000 (INR 32, 00,000) executed
06 Sept2018
  • Export:  Order of USA for 200 liter each of Ryder Plus, ,Bio-insecticide for sucking pests (Export Brand:Chetak) Larvimax Plus,bio-larvicide (Export Brand: Striker) and Duranto, photosynthesis mimic(Export Brand :Progreen) worth USD 12000 (INR 8, 25,000) executed
25 Aug2018
  • Breakthrough formulations:  All liquid bio-pesticides and bio-stimulants range is now available as Soluble Powder (SP) form. This will help in logistics and increase efficacy of products.
20 Aug2018
  • Export:  Order to Peru for 3000 liter of Ryder, Bio-insecticide for sucking pests worth USD 72000 (INR 46, 50,000) executed.
15 Aug2018
  • New Product induction: maxEEma introduced  new range of “Functional Bio Stimulants” targeted specifically to seed, root, vegetative growth, flowering and fruting. This range will be known in national and overseas market as WonderBloom® range.
15 July2018
  • Export: maxEEma’s niche product JA-63, Jasmonate based 4th Gen specialty biostimulant is now available in capsule form. This will help growers to have precision in application.
12 June2018
  • Export: Order to Peru for 2000 liter of Ryder, Bio-insecticide for sucking pests worth USD 52000 (INR 35, 00,000) executed.
08 May 2018
  • New delivery system for JA-63: Order to Peru for 450 liter of Ryder, Bio-insecticide for sucking pests worth USD 12000 (INR 8, 00,000) executed.